You holdin’ or what?

Drug dealing is becoming more of a “profession” for teens today. If you look close enough to the media, you can see that drug dealing is happening all around. You can see it in schools, on the corner, the playground, at the local pool; basically in almost any public place.

Teens see drug dealing as a quick way to make money, sometimes even a good way to fit in. Sources even show that dealing drugs for teens may be a means of getting an adrenaline rush. Power may also be a reason why these teens deal drugs. 76% of high school students admit that drugs are being used, sold, or are just kept on campus. Drugs are not a hard item for teens to get. They more than likely can walk up to someone and ask if they know anyone who has drugs, and they can get them on the spot. Drugs are becoming more and more prevalent in the lives of teens, and finding them is not hard when many teens deal them.

Selling drugs is an easy way for money, although it carries many risks. Selling on someone else’s turf is usually a big problem, as well as risking your life in a drug war, because everyone knows that behind drugs there are also weapons and people who are willing to take a life over those drugs. Drug dealing also tends to tie in with gangs or sets, corners and blocks, and is even dealing with individuals who just have better connections than others. Movies such as American Gangster, a movie about Frank Lucas, one of America’s top drug dealers from a while back, influence the lives of teens who find drug dealing a way of life. The media usually portrays a lot of drug dealing, influencing the lives of many today, causing them to believe that it is okay.

Teens usually fall under the punishment level of a misdemeanor when caught with drugs. There are many cases where they are charged with possession and either end up with time in a juvenile detention center, a county jail, community service, or fines. These teens are getting off easier than they believe, which is another reason why teens are targeted to be drug dealers. They do not usually get the major charges that an adult would get. However, if these teens begin to think that this drug dealing is okay or that they are too good to get caught, they don’t know what they have in store. People get years in prison for selling drugs while many teens are walking around unknown to the “adult public” eye, carrying drugs, while others are asking, “You holdin’ or what?”


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